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We all know that it can be a hard thing to find just the right classic muscle car for restoration. Obviously you need to be very picky if your going to get just the right car to start with. It’s just not an easy process to locate a good car for a restoration project.
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In this article I will try to demystify the process of locating just the right car for you. If you have done one of these projects in the past you can obviously handle a little rougher of a project car. But for this article like most of my other articles; I will stick to the beginner theme.

A restoration project is supposed to be a fun thing. You should not get a complete turd to start with. The idea is to find a car that you can complete the restoration on. A car that won’t be pushed to the back yard to rot in the elements.

With that in mind let’s talk about the price you should plan to spend on a good car for restoration. There is no such a thing as a $2,500 dollar classic car that is anything more then a turd. Remember what I said at the first; unless you have already done a restoration, you should stay away from a turd to start with.
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You should put aside about $10,000 for a good starter restoration project. In my eyes a good starter car is one that has very little to no rust in the body; no burned electrical wiring, and a sound car mechanically; you can find this for about $10,000.

You should evaluate your skills to restore the car, and get a car that fits in to your skill set.
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If your a good mechanic you should look toward a car that may need more mechanical work then body, or electrical work. Keep in mind that you will enjoy the project a lot more if the car leans toward your skill set.

I’m by no means saying that you can’t learn all of the processes that you need to know to perform a car restoration. What I am saying is this; if you are able to get a lot of the work done by yourself it will build your confidence, and you will have more fun.

When looking for cars for restoration you should consider how hard the parts my be to find also. If the parts are readily available for the car that you choose to restore the project will flow a lot smoother. If you think of all of the things that may slow down the project, and look for the way around those problems you should be all good with the work.
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It’s a good day when you realize that you have found the perfect car for restoration, and you know that you can afford to buy that car and start the project. You buy the car, load it on the trailer, or if your the lucky type pf person you drive it home.
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Now you can begin the project; you can inspect the car and start to develop your parts list. Yes that time has come to do you first car for restoration project. Good luck enjoy the process and learn all you can about the car “KUDOS” to you for having the balls to do it.