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Learn The Proper Techniques Of Repairing This Problem

Heat shrinking is a process by which you’d heat an area of sheet metal on a car to the point that it’s glowing red, and the reason that you’d do this is because you have tried every other way to get the dent out of the metal, and nothing else has worked.
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Heat shrinking is a last line of getting a dent out of a car, and it does take a bit of skill to preform a heat shrink operation on a car, first of all you need to know how to use a torch, and be familiar with the different torch heads that come with the torch, and what they do.

To heat shrink a dent out of a car you need to use a rosebud head on the torch, you can use any size of rosebud, this is where knowing what you want from the head will help, you also need a body hammer with a waffle faces head on it, this is called a shrinking hammer, and it’s designed for this procedure.

You’ll also need a sponge and some water to cool the metal after you shrink it, this is what will make the metal stay where you shrink it to, now that you have all the tools together, you’ll need to heat the affected area of the car body until it glows red.
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Once it’s glowing red, you’ll need to put a dolly on the part of the dent that is pushed in, and the take your waffle faced shrinking hammer, and lightly tap the reverse side of the metal from where your dolly is, work the dent from the out side in.

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You may have to repeat this process more that one time, after you hit the dent from the out side in, then you should immediately cool off the area with your sponge, and then repeat if you need to, you’ll notice the affected area getting smaller, and smaller.

Once your satisfied with the outcome your done with the process, this is a process called heat shrinking, and it does a very good job of removing stubborn dents, and creases in your cars body, it is and advanced technique that I would practice before using on your car.

This is a last line of defence, and should never be used unless it’s absolutely called for, but if you need to shrink some stretched metal this is the process that you can use to get the job done the right way.
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