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When building a high performance engine for your muscle car, the most important thing is to match all of the engine components for the best performance. Every muscle car guy or girl love squeezing as much power out of their car as possible, while still making it street-able.
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When building your high performance engine for your muscle car, you need to match the heads to the camshaft, along with the right compression on your pistons. You need to think about how the induction system is going to work to get this right.

If your building a naturally aspirated engine I.E. no super charger or turbocharger, you will need to raise the compression to match the camshaft. The bigger camshaft you use, the higher compression piston that you should use.

When dealing with high compression pistons you need to consider that gas that you will be using. If you plan to run your car on pump gas, you should use no higher then 10:1 compression pistons, and you should match your camshaft to those pistons.
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Using high compression pistons is likely to cause detonation in the motor. This is very bad for your engine, if you run pistons with a high dome on them, you should always run an octane booster or locate racing fuel to run in your car.

You should also pay very close attention to the carburetor that you use, if your using a high lift camshaft, you should match the carburetor to that camshaft. You should never just throw on a carburetor that you have laying around the garage.
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If your planning to use an EFI unit, you need to make sure that your control unit is matched to your camshaft and compression. EFI is great, and it is a very precision way of delivering the metered fuel and air to your engine, that means that the tuning is also more precision.

If you plan to run a forced induction system, or a power adder as a lot of people call them, things are very different. Yes you will no doubt be able to make more power with a supercharger, or turbocharger then you can without one.

You need to run lower compression more like 9:1 if you plan to run forced induction, and the camshaft selection will also be very different from the naturally aspirated engine. Forced induction makes more power by jacking up your compression, and creating a bigger explosion in the cylinder.
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In short it jacks up the efficiency of your fuel and air delivery in such a profound way that you engine is much better at using the using what it has. If you don’t go overboard with the boost of your supercharger, or turbocharger you won’t have to deal with detonation.

Usually about 7-10 pounds of boost is good for a street supercharger, or turbocharger on an American V8 engine. If you keep it in this range you will never need to worry about scattering your engine all over the road.
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These are bother great ways to build a high performance engine for your muscle car. It all depends on what your looking for in a high performance engine for your car, both ways are dependable to drive, and both ways will get the job done, it just depends on what you like.

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