DIY Shrink A Dent In Your Classic Car – Dent & Crease Repair

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Have you ever had a dent, or crease that just won’t come out of a car no matter what you do? How to heat shrink a dent will help you get that stubborn dent or crease out of your beautiful classic car, or muscle car if you do it right.
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We all know that a dent can be almost impossible to remove at times. Usually we see a crease and say to our selves, oh god this is never going to come out of my car. But with a little time spent, and a bit of work it can and will come out of your car.

I will attempt to try and explain how to heat shrink a dent out of your car. The process really isn’t that hard, although some people would like you to think that it is. You do need a few things to heat shrink a dent out of your car.
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List Of Things You Will Need

1.A acetylene torch.
2.A rose bud torch tip for the torch.
3.A plastic bucket filled with water.
4.A sponge to cool the metal with.
5.A 5” air grinder loaded with a 24 grit disk.
6.A waffle faced body hammer.
7.A Waffle faced dolly.
8.A smooth dolly.

Once you have the list of tools above, you can begin the process of removing the horrible ugly dent from your beautiful car. First of all you will need to get the grinder and remove the paint, and rust from the area where the dent is.
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Once you have done this you are ready to begin the heat shrinking process. It starts like this, you need to get the torch and out the rose bud torch tip on it. After the torch has the rose bud tip installed you can begin the process of removing the dent.

You need to turn on the acetylene to the torch, when you see the black soot in the air, you can add the oxygen to the mix. What your looking for is a short blue flame at the base of the rose bud tip, followed by an orange outline, then you have the torch set right.
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What you will do next will heat the area where the dent is in your car. You don’t need to melt the metal, all your looking for here is a nice orange glow on the affected area, move the rose bud tip in slow circular motions. Next you will use the waffle faced hammer an dolly to repair the damaged area.

The dent will come out a lot better if you work it in reverse from how it went in to the car. Slowly heat the rear of the dent first, moving the rose bud in slow circular motions until the area your working is glowing orange.

You will need to use the hammer on the back side of the dent, and back it up with the dolly on the front side of the dent. Hit the back of the dent with your hammer, working from the back of the dent toward the front of the dent.

After you have heated the area, and hammer and dolly-ed it, you can cool the affected area with your water soaked sponge. You will need to repeat this process until the entire dent is gone. Wala that dent is removed now, all you have left to do is a little filling and sanding, but that is for another article.
[ad#Google Adsense 336X280]I hope this has helped some of you with your cars, as you know I live to see classic cars put on the road, we don’t need any more of them going away. I figure that if I help a few people get their cars on the road, my entire life as meant something.
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