‘Top Gear’ is beloved around the world for its humorous discussion of all things automotive. The hilarious chemistry between hosts Jeremy, Richard and James has been attempted to be duplicated in versions across the world, but never quite achieved. Top Gear isn’t all about the cars; instead it offers us life lessons with a laugh. Here are the top five lessons that we can take from ‘Top Gear’ besides the cars.

Everyone Loves a Mystery

The Stig will go down in history as one of the well-loved characters on a popular television show. There are websites dedicated to discussing him and merchandise featuring his likeness. The hosts of ‘Top Gear’ are notorious for creating new and interesting ways to add to his mystique. Whether they are coming up with dangerous stunts to test the Stig or developing new facts about him, his charisma and mystery intrigue us all.

We are Part of the Joke

The witty banter between Richard, Jeremy and James is something that resonates with its loyal viewers. Not only are we allowed to be part of the jokes, but we are encouraged to root for the various pranks on the hosts to succeed. We can learn about the latest trends with vehicles while enjoying the fierce debates between car enthusiasts who happen to be great friends. No one is safe from being made fun of because audience members are often pulled into the conversation.

The Attire Is Half the Fun

Driving Jackets, Leather Jackets, Blazers, and even lapel pins are all part of the driving experience. These guys remind us that a T-shirt and shorts might be alright on your sofa, but when you drive a Maserati, you need to look the part. Your car is an extension of you in the same way your clothes are an extension of you, so class it up your own style with accessories from http://www.trendcorporate.com.au/lapel-pins. Who can forget the stylish menswear worn by the crew on ‘Top Gear’?

No One Likes Ugly Vehicles

Although we all have a friend who swears they love their minivan, they really don’t. The hosts of ‘Top Gear’ just put the cold, hard truth out into the world, letting us know that no one really likes a car that ugly. Caravans are especially hated in the world of ‘Top Gear’ and often face challenges that leave them destroyed for the betterment of mankind.

Failure is Half the Fun

The challenges of budget constraints or versatility when buying a vehicle are constantly tested on ‘Top Gear.’ The hosts are not afraid to push the boundaries of each vehicle by modifying it horribly for our amusement. From crafting their own limos to testing which minivan attracts the most women, Jeremy, Richard and James prove that failure is hilarious.