How to plan a car restoration, the first thing that you have got is that it will take a lot of time to restore a classic car even if it’s in great condition. There are some things that you need to think about before you decide to restore a classic car.

The first thing that you need to think about is what do you want the car to be when the restoration project is finished? This makes a huge difference in how you plan the project at hand. Below I will give a short list of ideas to start with.

What do I want it to be

1. A Factory stock restoration: this means that you need to learn about the car to start with before you twist any wrenches on it. You should know the number like the back of your hand. You will need to learn vin codes, casting numbers, rop codes, transmission tags, rear end tags, and color codes, and that is not all of it but it’s a good start.
2. Do you want a custom car / hot rod: if this is want your planning to build then you don’t need to know every single number on the car because you are planning to make it a one of a kind hot rod or custom car.
3. You plan to build a resto mod: This is a basic restoration project with a few modern upgrades such as a modern engine, or an upgrade of the brake system, or suspension and steering systems. But the car body looks basically like the factory would have produced it, this is the kind of build that I prefer.

Once you know what your planning to do with the car you can begin to research parts availability, and this does need to be done as parts can be very hard to find for some cars. After you figure out the parts availability you can begin making a list of the initial parts that you need for the car.

There are a lot of the parts that you order will be based on what you decide to do with the car. There will be at the least three or four different parts orders during the process. But always remember that the objective of building a classic car car is to have fun doing it, so don’t make it like a job.

If you build a resto-mod or a custom hot rod you will obviously be buying more parts that if you do a factory stock classic car restoration. You should also plan to have the money freed up and ready to go, it is not a cheap process to restore a classic car.

What You Will Need

1. Time, and a lot of it.
2. A Garage to do the work in, you cannot do this outside. The garage will also need electricity and and air compressor.
3. Hand tools, and paint spraying equipment, and I suggest not cheap spray equipment.
4. To prioritize your time on the restoration project.
5. A camera to take pictures, you should take a huge amount of pictures, they will help you put the car back together when your ready.

OK that’s about all I have for now, I hope you enjoy it.