One of the coolest events of every year is the Speciality Equipment Manufacturer’s Show (SEMA). This awesome event showcases some of the wildest and most inventive creations that are found anywhere on the planet. There are always lots of things that stand out from each year’s show. Here are the five most impressive things shown at SEMA 2012.

1. The World’s First Shelby Cobra

For anyone that is a fan of the Shelby Cobra, there could be no greater thrill than actually standing in front of the very first Cobra that master designer Shelby ever built. The beautiful car was definitely one of the highlights of this year’s SEMA.

2. Super Advanced CNC Router

CNC routers have long been a neat tool for manufacturing parts. The most recent versions of these machines are known as 3D printers. They can create any product that the designer inputs into the computer through a 3D printing process. This is one of the most exciting inventions in recent history, and it is sure to change the shape of the manufacturing industry.

3. Reversed Porsche 928

There are always some head-scratching creations at SEMA, and this exhibit was certainly one of them. The folks at the TV show Mythbusters got together with the engineers at Popular Mechanics magazine to flip the body of a Porsche 928. They took the rear and put it at the front and vice versa. They accomplished this while still leaving the car drivable. It sure looked odd, but it was pretty neat.

4. Wild Toyota Scion Paint Job

This Toyota Scion was a souped-up version that was very fast, but the most impressive thing about it was the custom paint job that was on the car. It was an octopus with the body on the hood and the tentacles sweeping dramatically back all around the car. It was a beautiful paint job that must have taken hundreds of man hours to create.

5. The Ultimate Rock Crawler

Some of the best entries at SEMA are the ones that seek to push the edge of the envelope as far as it can possibly go. The rock crawler at the 2012 SEMA was definitely in this category. It has a 111-inch wheelbase and stands over 7 feet tall. This is a vehicle that could travel anywhere on the planet without getting stuck. It also features a fluid-drive that does an excellent job of getting the power of its V-8 engine wherever it is most needed.