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Should I restore a classic car; this is a common question for people to ask. It depends on a few things, but it mostly depends on how much time you have, and what the car is worth to you. It is a long process that will cost a lot of money in most cases.

What you have got to think about is what you plan to do with the car. If you are planning to restore a car to sell and make a profit on it, I would say don’t waste your time. You will spend more to correctly restore the car then you will ever sell it for.

On the other hand it will never lose value if you do it right, and you plan to keep it for a long time. A classic car restoration is a great long term investment. Of course there are acceptions to the rule above about making profit on a car restoration.

You could end up finding an extremely rare car like a Ford Mustang GT500 or GT350. Or you could even land a 1969 ZL1 Camaro, or L88 Corvette, but chances of this are very rare as they built very few of these cars back in the day.

So what you should think about at the very first is this. Do I have a lot of time to spend restoring the classic car. Do I have the money to spend to restore the car. In a professional shop a car in good shape takes about 1,000 – 1,500 hours to restore.

If this is you first restoration of a classic car, you cannot classify yourself in the professional category. I would never try to stop you from restoring a car, but you need to know that it won’t happen over night.

    Below is a bullet list of thing you need to know or have:

  • Asses you individual skills in the restoration process, what do I know how to do, and what do I need help with.
  • Do I have the tools to complete the process, or will I need to buy them.
  • Do I have a garage to do the work in, you cannot do this work outside, the car will be in bare metal form a lot of the time that your working on it.
  • You garage needs to have electricity; this is a must, and it need good lighting in it.
  • You might want to ask your friends for this help, they may know how to do some of the things that you don’t.
  • Realize that you will be farming some of the work out to a professional shop, and plan for it.
  • Have a good plan for the restoration of your car.

The list above is a good place to start, and the most important part of that list is the yo plan the restoration of the car from start to finish. I hope this has helped some of you out; thank you for stopping by, and come again.
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